Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Today was the last day of the Formula Sun Grand Prix. We've left the Monticello Motor club and are back at the hotel. In the morning we'll be leaving for Rochester, New York where the Sunseeker 2012 car will be on display at the Rochester Institute of Technology. If you would like to stop by to say hi and check out the car that we'll be racing, we'd love to see you. The address where we'll be set up is:
Rochester Institute of Technology
Lomb Memorial Dr
Rochester, New York 14623
The following morning we'll see the first day of the Rayce, a road among solar car teams leading from the location of Friday's display to St. Paul Minnesota. The ASC 2012 schedule is as follows:
July 13: Display Day in Rochester, NY

July 14: Start in Rochester, NY
                Stage Stop in Erie, PA

July 15: Stage Start in Erie, PA
                Checkpoint in Mansfield, OH

July 16: Stage Stop in Ann Arbor, MI

July 17: Stage Start in Ann Arbor, MI
                Checkpoint in Kalamazoo, MI

July 18: Stage Stop in Normal, IL

July 19: Stage Start in Normal, IL
                Checkpoint in Verona, WI

July 20: Stage Stop in La Crosse, WI

July 21: Finish in St. Paul, MN

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  1. Good to see so many solar car promotional events taking place. This is good for our environment and the planet.