Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012

This afternoon we drove the leg of the Rayce from Rochester, New York, to Erie, Pennsylvania. It officially begin at 9am when the first team was ushered out of the parking lot at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The start times of each convoy are staggered in one minute intervals and so shortly after the official start, teams were sent on their way to the first stage stop.

Cloud cover was an unfortunate consistency throughout the race day but we tried to make the best of what power we could glean from the sun. It was however pleasing to have needed none of our tires changed while on the race route. We were able to keep pressing forward besides a stop that was made to swap out dieing radio batteries. All in all, I believe the team was pleased with our first day out on the open roads.

In the morning, we're headed on to Mansfield, Ohio. The team held brief meeting tonight covering aspects of stretch of the Rayce, and hopefully tomorrow morning we'll be able to function as more well oiled machine. Until tomorrow though, good night.

Posted by, Kenwood Hoben

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