Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

We've finally seen some reprieve from the blistering temperatures we were met with here in Monticello, New York. After Saturday's intermittent showers and storming, Sunday was beautifully sunny, yet cool, and the pleasant conditions have followed us into this afternoon. Furthermore, the team is excited to have passed all but one stage of qualification.

Yesterday the car passed on Body and Sizing, and we put our drivers and the car up for dynamic testing. Dynamics consisted of a slalom course followed by a braking test where each driver must show they can come to a complete and controlled stop under wet driving conditions, and within a set amount of time. All three drivers passed the slalom course, but we only managed to pass two drivers in the braking test. This was just enough to qualify the Sunseeker car for dynamic scrutineering though, after which we were able to enjoy a dinner of hamburgers with the team from Michigan State University.

This morning we headed back to the test track for dynamics again where our third driver had another chance at the braking qualifier. After another shot, he was qualified to drive for FSGP and the 2012 American Solar Challenge. This leaves approval of our support vehicles as the final barrier between Sunseeker 2012 and the upcoming road race, spanning from Rochester, New York to Saint Paul, Minnesota. We wish the rest of the teams here in Monticello luck as they also continue to prepare for the remaining events.

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  1. I hear you passed scrutineering. Congrats Sunseekers! Kalamazoo can't wait to cheer you on next week.

    Ashley Brinn Kletke, 1999 Sunrayce driver