Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday, first track day

It has been a few days since we posted events of scrutineering here in Cresson, TX.
They have been very busy and long days trying to pass all the required testing.
WMU currently has green stickers on electrical and array. The battery protection system requires a small software change to be green but currently has a blue sticker which allows the car to go to dynamic testing. The yellow sticker on mechanical means there is an inconsequential item to be completed before a green sticker will be posted. The red stickers on the driver and body sizing should change to green soon as they have been completed. We need to test one more driver for egress and to fix a problem with the rear vision system. We will not make it on the track today but will be able to go to dynamic testing after today's track race event closes at 5 pm central time.
Passing dynamic testing will allow us to be on the track Thursday and Friday to get our required 150 laps and qualify for the road race.
The pictures were taken at the body and sizing station of scrutineering. Courtney is the driver and Alex and Josh also appear in the photos.


  1. Thanks for the update. Good luck in the dynamic events and on the track tomorrow.
    Go Broncos!

  2. Good luck Broncos! Keep up the good work and let the tradition continue!
    Sunseeker 95/97 Alum