Sunday, June 13, 2010

First day of scrutineering

Saturday morning the Sunseeker team left Kalamazoo about 10 am and drove all day and night through pouring down rain storms along the way to arrive in Cresson, TX about 7 am.

Team members were tired from the straight through drive, but everyone quickly got to the task of setting up the tent, unloading toolboxes and supplies to start working to get the car ready for scrutineering.

We had previously heard from our advance group that WMU had been scheduled for the following checks:
9:00 - Battery protection system
10:00 - Electrical system
2:00 - Mechanical systems
3:00 - Array test
4:00 - Body and sizing
5:00 - Driver weigh-in

We had to skip the first two because we were not yet ready for it. We went to the Mechanical system check at 2:00 and were pleased to have passed most of the requirements. We need only to replace hex nuts on a lot of the bolts with nuts that would not require lock wire or pins to keep them from coming loose. We also had to skip the array test and body sizing since we were still working on those items. The drivers were weighed in and received their ballast bags to bring their weights up to 80 kilograms (176 lbs).

The rest of the day was spent adding the finishing touches to the car to allow us to be tested for the remaining four sections of scrutineering.

The team decided to clean our pit area and head for the hotel for a well deserved night's rest after being mostly awake for more than 36 hours.

Posted by Abraham Poot


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  2. ....looks like very hard work but very interesting...will check for updates soon...