Monday, June 21, 2010

Topeka, Kansas Monday, June 21

Sunday morning the Sunseeker solar car was being prepared for the start of the race in Broken Arrow. It was another blistering hot day that dealt us another roadblock in our attempt to race. Our battery protection system gave us multiple random communication errors with the slave modules and kept shutting off the battery. Finally, about two hours after the race had started we decided to withdraw from the race. There would no longer be enough time to make it to the Neosho checkpoint and to Topeka the following day. The team put the car in the trailer and drove directly to Topeka. Today we will be bringing the car out for display all day at the Ramada Hotel stage stop. During the remainder of the race we will display the Sunseeker at all the check points and stage stops.
The team thanks all of the ASC teams that offered their help to get the Sunseeker into the race. A special thanks to the Calgary team who loaned us their spare motor controller after ours blew up and to the University of Michigan who loaned us a rear vision camera after ours failed. A grateful thank you to the officials and inspectors of ASC who went out of their way to help us qualify for the event.

Submitted by Abraham Poot, Advisor

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